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Our Fair Trade Policy


All our gifts and homewares on FairlyTrading.com are fairly traded!

Iguazu and Fairly Trading.com are dedicated to bringing you, or customers, the best in fair trade gift and home wares from around the world. We are proud to support fair trade importers and manufacturers from around the world, who all believe that business can be done in a fair and responsible way.

We do not import our products ourselves. We made this call early in our business life as we felt it more important to try and showcase fair trade products from all over the world rather than be forced to buy all our products from one region of the world.

We buy from small community projects through to established fair trade manufacturers who have been trading fairly for over 30 years.

In summary our fair trade products come from suppliers who believe in ensuring that the artisans who make our products get a fair wage and they work in a safe and healthy environment. We try to make sure that the community as well as the individual benefits from our trade, and we visit as many suppliers as possible to check that fair standards are being applied, for instance adequate lighting and ventilation in the workplace, no child labour and gender equality. We also aim to minimise harm to the environment by using sustainable or recycled materials in production, and shipping goods by sea instead of by air.

Our suppliers all share the same ethos as us, no matter how big or small.

These are....

They agree a fair price and then they stick with it. By working together retailers, suppliers and manufacturers can work out the best price for any given product, allowing the maximum profit for each part of the supply chain and without being too expensive for you, our customers.
We buy from developing nations who do not have the strict laws we do here in Europe. This not only gives manufacturers abroad the chance to make a real difference to their local communities but also shows other manufacturers that there is another way out there that works - hopefully over time this will change the way more and more people do business!
We specialise in handmade items made from locally produced and/or recycled materials.
This keeps raw material costs to a minimum allowing more of the products price to go to the people that matter - those who make it. It also keeps the products environmental impact to a minimum, and being handmade creates many jobs that are usually being lost to machines and computers.

We believe that the qualities of handmade products made under fair conditions are second to none, and whilst they are never always the same, their differences make the products special and unique. You can't get that from a machine!

We create long term relationships with our suppliers. By forging lasting relationships that the supply chain can rely upon allows manufacturers to invest in themselves, new ideas, and non profit areas that usually would get lost chasing the bottom line.

This supply allows the basic rights of the people who matter the most, the producers, to come first and not last. Our suppliers ensure that their workers are paid a fair price per piece, which is above the national average, and men and women are paid the same rate. There is absolutely no child labour, and the health and safety concerns for these craftsmen are a top priority.
This allows the handmade goods, made from skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to thrive rather than slowly die out.

Ethically led products and fair trade products - What's the difference?

All our products are ethically led, and all our producers and importers follow the same rules as highlighted above.

We define 'fair trade' products as those who also set aside money to create community enhancing projects that could be creating a new local school or medical centre to supplying workers with evening meals or even accommodation.

These products are independently ratified by the British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) and you can tell which products come under this banner by checking out their logo next to all our products. For more information on this please go to the BAFTS website - www.bafts.org

All our products that do not have this logo ARE STILL ETHICALLY BASED PRODUCTS! Some companies are too small to afford the cost of becoming a member of BAFTS, some companies are members of different fair trade affiliates, and some do not feel the need to have their products ratified.

Having worked with our suppliers for years we know that the way they do business is in every way the same as those who are under the BAFTS banner and have no concerns whatsoever that they are not externally monitored!

We believe that ethical trade must happen all over the world to give those in need the chance to work their way towards a better future and are proud to stock fair trade products from all over the world!

If you have any questions on our policy or would like more information in general on fair trade, please do not hesitate to contact us!